PURPOSE OF EXERCISE: To train front and side deltoids. Doing Presses on a machine helps you do the movements very strictly, and allows you to avoid cleaning a weight if you have some sortof physical problem. Also, you can letthe weight come down much lower,which gives you extra stretch in yourfront delts. There are any number ofmachines on which you can do aShoulder Press movement—Cybex,Nautilus, Hammer Strength, or Universal, to name a few—but the principle remains the same.EXECUTION: (1) Grasp the bar or handles

t shoulder level and (2) press upward until your arms are locked out, then come back down slowly to the starting position, going through the longest rangeof motion possible. You can also use machines to do Front Presses or Behind-the-Neck Presses; both will work the front and side deltoids.



machine press1

machine press2

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