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PURPOSE OF EXERCISE: To develop the spinal erectors of the lower back. EXECUTION: (1) Position yourself facedown across a hyperextension bench, with your heels hooked under the rear supports. Clasp your hands across your chest or behind your head and bend forward and down as far as possible, feeling the lower back muscles stretch. (2) […]


PURPOSE OF EXERCISE: To work the lower back. Deadlifts are an overall power exercise that involves more muscles than any other exercise in your routine, including the lower back, upper back, and trapezius muscles, the buttocks, and the legs. A strong lower back is especially important when doing movements like Bent-Over Rows and TBar Rows, […]


PURPOSE OF EXERCISE: To work the lower lats and the serratus. It also stretches the pectorals and helps widen the rib cage. EXECUTION: (1) Lie on your back along a flat bench. Place a barbell (or an E-Z curl bar) on the floor behind your head. Reach back and grasp the bar. (2) Keeping your […]