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Controlled Cheat Day Management

  In this article I will be talking about the importance, implementation, and tracking of how to handle a cheat day / refeed day once a week while following any BE fat loss plan. Cutting plans can be mentally taxing and cause you to feel down and demotivated. This is normal and is one of […]

Sweetened yoghurt drinks , what to look for

Sometimes it’s nice to have a nice cold glass of yoghurt drink with all the great fruit flavours. But unfortunately most of these drinks are loaded with both natural and added sugars.  While on deeper cutting passes i don’t recommend any kind of milk products this is the only exception in addition to Casein powder.  […]

Oven fish

Having an oven can be great if your a lazy ass and struggle to get your meals done on time. What you see above is 1kg of cod being baked all at once. Cook some rice at the same time , add some chopped peppers, onions, garlic, and herbs to your rice. Add lemon juice […]

Fat burning green tea

I drink atleast one cup of green tea a day. There are countless sources outlining the fat burning and health benefits of it. Learn to love it!

Morning fatburning stak

During any fat loss stage my favorites fat burner is animal cuts stacked with a good bodybuilding multivitamin like animal pak.

D aspartic acid

I mix d aspartic acid into my pre workout sometimes if I’m looking to give myself a little testosterone boost. It is a great natural testosterone booster.


I use gaba before I sleep to help increase growth hormone production overnight. It also deepens my sleep

The magic of The spice rack

A spice rack is a great way to add flavor and variety to all your meals.They can also add benfits to your nutrition plan so get creative!

Sweet Potato preperation

There are various ways of cooking yams, our favorite method is to cook them in a cooking pan with water and coconut oil. Just cook them till the water has completely evaporated and sprinkle some paprika powder in top