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Spicy Chicken Jambalaya

Delicious chicken jamabalaya!! add some extra kick and taste to the otherwise monotonous chicken and brown rice . The magic of this dish lies simply in the spices used. This is great because spices add no extra calories and bring extra fat burning and anti oxidizing properties to food. Chicken Marinade spices –> paprika powder,diced […]

Shredded Spanish tortilla

Now for one of my favourite meals. This is a modified Spanish tortilla that uses sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes. it is also easy to make a big tortilla which you can slice into pieces and package up for more meals. Cook the thinly sliced sweet potatoes in a pan in enough water to […]

Spicy Cayenne Fat Shredding Chicken

Chicken breast , Brown Rice, Cucumbers, Cayenne pepper measure the chicken and brown rice to fit your meal plans!! on a side note cayenne pepper helps burn body fat!!