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Zma and tribulus test booster

Been trying this pre bedtime zma and tribulus supplement and the results have been decent. Better sleep, more agression in the gym and faster recovery. If your over 23 this would be a great option to try

Oven fish

Having an oven can be great if your a lazy ass and struggle to get your meals done on time. What you see above is 1kg of cod being baked all at once. Cook some rice at the same time , add some chopped peppers, onions, garlic, and herbs to your rice. Add lemon juice […]

Bulking phase chocolate sauce

The trademark coconut oil and cacao powder is now mixed with a low glycemic sugar called palatinose instead of stevia. The extra carb source is a sustained energy over the day and helps to fill up the required calories

D aspartic acid

I mix d aspartic acid into my pre workout sometimes if I’m looking to give myself a little testosterone boost. It is a great natural testosterone booster.


I use gaba before I sleep to help increase growth hormone production overnight. It also deepens my sleep