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PURPOSE OF EXERCISE: To stretch the biceps and for overall biceps development. This exercise develops mass and biceps peak at the same time. If you do the movement to the front, it is a general biceps exercise. If you do it to the outside, it becomes a specialized exercise that emphasizes the inner part of […]


PURPOSE OF EXERCISE: To develop and shape the entire biceps area. This exercise, a combination of partial- and full-range movements, is a great test of endurance. Because of the combination of 3 sets of 7 repetitions each, this exercise is also known as 21s. EXECUTION: (1) From a seated or standing position, take a dumbbell […]


PURPOSE OF EXERCISE: To develop the biceps especially the lower end. This is especially good for anyone who has space between the lower biceps and the elbow joint, to help fill in and shape this area. EXECUTION: Preacher Curls are an even stricter movement than regular Barbell Curls. (1) Position yourself with your chest against […]


PURPOSE OF EXERCISE: To develop extra mass and power in the biceps. EXECUTION: Stand and hold the bar as for Barbell Curls, but use enough weight so that it becomes difficult to do more than just a few strict repetitions. At this point, you begin to swing the weight up, using your back and shoulders […]


PURPOSE OF EXERCISE: To develop the overall size of the biceps. This is the most basic and popular of biceps exercises. EXECUTION: (1) Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and grasp the bar with an underhand grip, hands about shoulder width apart. Let the bar hang down at arm’s length in front of you. (2) Curl […]


PURPOSE OF EXERCISE: To develop the spinal erectors of the lower back. EXECUTION: (1) Position yourself facedown across a hyperextension bench, with your heels hooked under the rear supports. Clasp your hands across your chest or behind your head and bend forward and down as far as possible, feeling the lower back muscles stretch. (2) […]


PURPOSE OF EXERCISE: To work the lower back in isolation. EXECUTION: (1) Standing with feet a few inches apart, hold a barbell across the back of your shoulders as for Squats ( s e e Squats). (2) Keeping your legs locked and your back straight, bend forward from the waist, head up, until your torso […]


PURPOSE OF EXERCISE: To work the lower back. Deadlifts are an overall power exercise that involves more muscles than any other exercise in your routine, including the lower back, upper back, and trapezius muscles, the buttocks, and the legs. A strong lower back is especially important when doing movements like Bent-Over Rows and TBar Rows, […]


PURPOSE OF EXERCISE: To work the lower lats and the serratus. It also stretches the pectorals and helps widen the rib cage. EXECUTION: (1) Lie on your back along a flat bench. Place a barbell (or an E-Z curl bar) on the floor behind your head. Reach back and grasp the bar. (2) Keeping your […]


Using separate handles as pictured here allows you to get your hands and elbows farther back, putting more of the stress on the center of your back.