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Minced meat with sexy broccoli

a delicious cutting meal , minced meat with sweet red pepper,  spiced with oregano and parsley mix with steamed broccoli covered in black pepper.  Fast easy and low carb  happy shredding

Steak & mushroom sauce making love

Steak and Mushrooms !! This is another favorite of mine. Simply grill the steak slowly on a pan (low-medium heat) and spice it with garlic, nut musk,black pepper and parsley. you can cook the mushrooms in the same pan to add flavor. You can add a tbsp of coconut oil in the pan and season […]

Burgers for Ripped people

home made lean beef burgers!! find the leanest ground meat you can find. Then chop up onion, red, yellow, and green pepper. Cook mushrooms in a pan and roll up some of the chopped veggies into the ground meat. roll the meat into Patties which you have weighed so you know approximately how much protein […]

Beast Beef with Not white rice

medium rare peppered beef with brown rice and chopped onion filled half bell peppers. Bell peppers lightly cooked in coconut oil , brown rice seasoned with oregano, black pepper, and cayenne pepper for the fat burning thermogenic effect. Sun dried tomatoes for a little extra filling .Enjoy 🙂