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Quick low carb meal Steamed makreel

Steamed makreel may have alot of salt. But as long as its not eaten in the last week before a photoshoot or competition this is a high protein high omega 3 powerhouse. Not to mention is cheap , fast , and delicious

Oven fish

Having an oven can be great if your a lazy ass and struggle to get your meals done on time. What you see above is 1kg of cod being baked all at once. Cook some rice at the same time , add some chopped peppers, onions, garlic, and herbs to your rice. Add lemon juice […]

Panga Fish hates Carbs

Low carb meal for any carb cycling or macro balancing in your diet plans. It is simply grilled panga or tilapia fish .Grilled with lemon juice coriander , and black pepper. Lay this on a bed of spinache and cover in a low calorie vinaigrette with a bit of sambal.

Salmon Dancing on Bread

Salmon on whole wheat bread toast. Sambal sauce with black pepper on the salmon.spinach or salad with balsamic vinaigrette. whey isolate with oatmeal shake, to fill out the macro ratios .

Fish in a Sweet Potato Ocean

mashed yam spiced with oregano and black pepper. Cod fish ,grilled with lemon juice and coriander . spinach or salad with balsamic vinager. glass of wine to go! For the anti oxidants