4 Day Split – Balanced

Day 1 – Legs, calves  recommended sets & reps
Squat neutral stance 3×8
Stiff legged dead lift 4×8
Leg press neutral foot placement 3×8
Leg curl  3xDrop set
leg extension  3xDrop set
Calf raises (straight leg) 3x[50 reps]
Seated calf raises (bent leg for soleus) 3xDrop set
Day 2 – Chest , Biceps  recommended sets & reps
Flat bench press 3×8
Incline dumbell press 3×8
Flat dumbbell  3×8
Incline dumbbell flyes 3×8
Dips 3xDrop set
Straight barbell curls 3×12
Heavy hammer curls 3×12
reverse cable curls (palms faceing down) 2xDrop set
Day 3 – Back , Traps,Ab toning  recommended sets & reps
Deadlift 3×8
Wide grip cable pull downs 3×12
Close grip cable pull downs 3×12
Cable rows 3xDrop set
Dumbbell shrug 4×8
Crunches 3×30 (or as many as possible)
Seated leg tucks 3×30 (or as many as possible)
Leg raises 3×30 (or as many as possible)
Day 4 – Shoulders,Triceps, Ab thickness  recommended sets & reps
Military press 3×8
Barbell up right rows 3×8
Side raises 3xDrop set
Rear pec deck 3xDrop set
Cable tricep extension (infront of body) 3×12
Over head cable tricep extension 3×12
Kneeling cable crunches 3×12
Standing cable crunches 3xDrop set
Weighted leg raises 3×8

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