Monthly Archives: January 2013

Popeyes 0 carb omelette

Very simply, two whole eggs, 4-5 egg whites . spinache, chopped onions and paprika. Spiced with oregano, parsley, and a pinch of garlic powder. Slowly cook in a pan so that the bottom doesn’t burn before the top gets cooked.Use Pam spray on the pan to make sure it won’t stick. Enjoy!

Fat burning green tea

I drink atleast one cup of green tea a day. There are countless sources outlining the fat burning and health benefits of it. Learn to love it!

Morning fatburning stak

During any fat loss stage my favorites fat burner is animal cuts stacked with a good bodybuilding multivitamin like animal pak.

D aspartic acid

I mix d aspartic acid into my pre workout sometimes if I’m looking to give myself a little testosterone boost. It is a great natural testosterone booster.


I use gaba before I sleep to help increase growth hormone production overnight. It also deepens my sleep

Steak & mushroom sauce making love

Steak and Mushrooms !! This is another favorite of mine. Simply grill the steak slowly on a pan (low-medium heat) and spice it with garlic, nut musk,black pepper and parsley. you can cook the mushrooms in the same pan to add flavor. You can add a tbsp of coconut oil in the pan and season […]

Panga Fish hates Carbs

Low carb meal for any carb cycling or macro balancing in your diet plans. It is simply grilled panga or tilapia fish .Grilled with lemon juice coriander , and black pepper. Lay this on a bed of spinache and cover in a low calorie vinaigrette with a bit of sambal.

The magic of The spice rack

A spice rack is a great way to add flavor and variety to all your meals.They can also add benfits to your nutrition plan so get creative!

Spicy Chicken Jambalaya

Delicious chicken jamabalaya!! add some extra kick and taste to the otherwise monotonous chicken and brown rice . The magic of this dish lies simply in the spices used. This is great because spices add no extra calories and bring extra fat burning and anti oxidizing properties to food. Chicken Marinade spices –> paprika powder,diced […]

Burgers for Ripped people

home made lean beef burgers!! find the leanest ground meat you can find. Then chop up onion, red, yellow, and green pepper. Cook mushrooms in a pan and roll up some of the chopped veggies into the ground meat. roll the meat into Patties which you have weighed so you know approximately how much protein […]