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Machine Pullovers can be used to develop the serratus as well as the lats. Learn to feel when the serratus muscles are working the hardest, and adjust the position of your body and the movement of your elbows until you feel them contracting to the maximum.  


PURPOSE OF EXERCISE: To work the serratus muscles. EXECUTION: (1) Kneeling on the floor, grasp a handle attached to a cable and overhead pulley with an underhand grip. (2) Pulling with the lats, bring your elbow down to your knee. Consciously crunch the serratus and lats, getting a full contraction. Release and come slowly back […]


PURPOSE OF EXERCISE: To develop the serratus muscles. EXECUTION: (1) Kneel on the floor holding on to ropes attached to a cable and overhead pulley. (2) Keeping your arms extended above you, curl your body forward and down, pulling with the lats. Continue this motion until your head is almost touching your thighs. Bring your […]