PURPOSE OF EXERCISE: To independently
work each side of the back.
Rowing one side at a time with a
dumbbell has two unique advantages
over Barbell Rows: It isolates the
latissimus muscles on each side, and it
allows you to lift the weight higher and
therefore get a more complete
contraction. Using heavy weight in this
exercise is less important than getting the
fullest range of movement, which will
help develop and define the center of the
EXECUTION: (1) Taking a dumbbell in
one hand, bend forward from the waist
until your upper body is nearly parallel
to the floor. Place your free hand on the
bench for support. Begin with the weight
hanging down at arm’s length, feeling the
fullest possible stretch. Turn your hand
so that the palm faces toward your body.
(2) Keeping your body steady, lift the
weight up to your side, concentrating on
doing the work with the back rather than
the arm. Lower the weight, keeping it
under control. Finish your repetitions
with this arm, then repeat with the other

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