PURPOSE OF EXERCISE: To train the front
and side deltoids and build total body
density and power.
Cleaning a weight is a method of
lifting a barbell from the floor to the
starting position of the Military Press.
The Clean and Press is an important
exercise that starts off with a lot of leg
movement to get the weight moving, then
involves the traps, arms, and back as
well as the shoulders to help you
develop a truly Herculean look.
EXECUTION: (1) Squat down, lean
forward, and take hold of the bar with an
overhand grip, hands about shoulder
width apart. (2) Driving with the legs,
lift the bar straight up to about shoulder
height, then tuck the elbows in and under
to support the weight in the starting
position of the Military Press. (3) Then,
using your shoulders and arms, press the
weight up overhead, bring it back down
to shoulder height, then reverse the
cleaning motion by bending your knees
and setting the weight back onto the

clean press3 clean press2 clean press1


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