PURPOSE OF EXERCISE: To work the legs,
with special emphasis on the thighs.
Front Squats develop the outside sweep
of the quadriceps.
EXECUTION: (1) Step up to the rack,
bring your arms up under the bar,
keeping the elbows high, cross your
arms and grasp the bar with your hands
to control it. Then lift the weight off the
rack. Step back and separate your feet
for balance (I find this exercise easier to
do if I rest my heels on a low block to
improve balance). (2) Bend your knees
and, keeping your head up and your back
straight, lower yourself until your thighs
are below parallel to the floor. Push
yourself back up to the starting position.
Do this exercise slowly and strictly,
making sure you keep your back straight.
If possible, do all Squats in front of a
mirror so you can check that you are
keeping your back straight.



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