and strength in the legs, especially the
thighs. Full Squats are one of the
traditional mass-building exercises for
the entire lower body but are primarily
for developing all four heads of the
EXECUTION: (1) With the barbell on a
rack, step under it so that it rests across
the back of your shoulders, hold on to
the bar to balance it, raise up to lift it off
the rack, and step away. The movement
can be done with your feet flat on the
floor or your heels resting on a low
block for support. (2) Keeping your head
up and back straight, bend your knees
and lower yourself until your thighs are
just lower than parallel to the floor.
From this point, push yourself back up to
the starting position.
It is important to go below parallel in
this movement, especially when you are
just learning the exercise, so that you
develop strength along the entire range
of motion. If you don’t go low enough in
the beginning, you could injure yourself
later when using heavier weight. Foot
position to some extent determines
which area of the thighs you work the
most while doing Squats: A wider
stance works the inside of the thighs to a
greater degree, while a narrower stance
tends to work the outside more; toes
turned out hits the inside of the thighs.
The basic stance for greatest power is
usually feet shoulder-width apart, with
toes turned just slightly out.


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