PURPOSE OF EXERCISE: To build, shape,
and define the biceps.
Doing a standard curl with dumbbells
rather than a barbell means you will use
slightly less weight, but the arms are left
free to move through their natural range
of motion and you can achieve an even
greater degree of contraction. As with
Barbell Curls, you can cheat a little with
this exercise, but keep it to a minimum.
: (1) Sit on the end of a flat
bench, or against the back support of an
incline bench adjusted to an upright
position, a dumbbell in each hand held
straight down at arm’s length, palms
turned toward your body. (2) Holding
your elbows steady as unmoving pivot
points, curl the weights forward and up,
twisting your palms forward as you lift
so that the thumbs turn to the outside and
the palms are facing up. Lift the weights
as high as you can and then give an extra
flex of the biceps to achieve maximum
contraction. Lower the dumbbells down
through the same arc, resisting the
weight all the way down, until your arms
are fully extended, the biceps stretched
as far as possible. Twisting the wrists as
you lift and lower the dumbbells causes
a fuller contraction of the biceps and
develops the inner biceps and separation
between biceps and triceps. You can
also do this exercise standing instead of
seated, which will allow you to use a
little more weight, although the
movement will not be as strict.



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