biceps through the longest range of
motion possible.
When you do Curls on a machine, the
movement becomes extremely strict and
you are able to contract against
resistance over the longest range of
motion possible, from the point of full
extension to that of a full peak
contraction. Because of this, Machine
Curls are a shaping, finishing exercise
rather than one designed to build mass.

EXECUTION: When doing Curls on any
machine, position yourself with your
elbows on the pad and grasp the bar or
the handles with an underhand grip. (1)
For two-handed Curls, contract the
biceps and curl both arms as far as
possible, feeling a full peak contraction
at the top, then extend downward under
full control to a point of full extension.
(2) For Alternate Curls, contract one
arm to a point of peak contraction,
extend it downward under full control to
a point of full extension, then do the
same with the other arm, and continue to
alternate the two arms until your set is


machine curls

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