front head of the deltoids.
This exercise not only works the front
head of the deltoids through its entire
range of motion, but also involves the
traps during the top of the movement. It
can be done either standing or sitting.
EXECUTION: Stand with a dumbbell in
each hand. (1) Lift one weight out and up
in a wide arc until it is higher than the
top of your head. (2) Lower the weight
under control while simultaneously
lifting the other weight, so that both arms
are in motion at the same time and the
dumbbells pass each other at a point in
front of your face. In order to work the
front head of the deltoids directly, make
certain that the dumbbells pass in front
of your face rather than out to the side.
To do this same movement with a
barbell, grasp the bar with an overhand
grip, let it hang down at arm’s length in
front of you, and with arms kept locked,
lift it to a point just higher than your
head, staying as strict as possible, then
lower it again under control.
VARIATION: Do Front Raises in a seated
position for a stricter movement, since
you can’t use your body to cheat on the


front raises 2 front raises 1

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