PURPOSE OF EXERCISE: Emphasizes upper
EXECUTION: (1) Lie on your back on the
floor, your legs across a bench in front
of you. You can put your hands behind
your neck or keep them in front of you,
whichever you prefer. (2) Curl your
shoulders and trunk upward toward your
knees, rounding your back. Don’t try to
lift your entire back up off the floor, just
roll forward and crunch your rib cage
toward your pelvis. At the top of the
movement, deliberately give an extra
squeeze of the abs to achieve total
contraction, then release and lower your
shoulders back to the starting position.
This is not a movement you do quickly.
Do each rep deliberately and under
You can vary the angle of stress on
your abdominals by raising your foot
position. Instead of putting your legs
across a bench, try lying on the floor and
placing the soles of your feet against a
wall at whatever height feels most

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