front and side heads of the deltoids. This
is the very best deltoid exercise I know,
and I always include it in my shoulder
routine. By using dumbbells in this
manner—lowering them well down in
front—you get a tremendous range of

EXECUTION: (1) In a standing position,
elbows at sides, grasp one dumbbell in
each hand and raise the weights to your
shoulders, palms turned toward you. (2)
In one smooth motion, press the weights
up overhead—not quite to the point
where they are locked out—and at the
same time rotate your hands, thumbs
turning inward, so that your palms face
forward at the top of the movement. (3)
Hold here for a moment, then reverse the
movement, lowering the weights and
rotating your hands back to the starting
position. Don’t get so concerned with
pressing the weight overhead that you
begin to sway and cheat; this movement
should be done strictly, keeping the
dumbbells fully under control. By not
locking the arms out when you press the
weight overhead, you keep the stress on
the deltoids the whole time. This
exercise is half Lateral Raise and half
Dumbbell Press, and works both the
anterior and medial heads of the deltoids