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All the training plans I've ever created split into Priorities : focus on your shoulders, back detail , legs, arms , abs etc Weekly splits : can you only train 3,4,5,6 days a week and don't know how to schedule your trainings? all the plans are categorised for easy use. After signing up I will add you on DM on Instagram to help you further!

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  THIS STEP BY STEP GUIDE WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO - Build a diet and training plan to lose 0.5 kg - 2kg ( 1lbs - 4lbs ) of body fat without losing muscle per week - Correctly phase your short and long term goals to reach your dream physique - Insights and tips on what to expect psychologically - Learn to track and monitor your progress professionally in order to keep yourself motivated and understand the fluctuations in body composition. - Improve your mental clarity and overall life productivity - Over 30 Pages of solid content If you lead a busy lifestyle as a student, entrepreneur, family man/woman, or competitive fitness athlete, this ebook will provide you invaluable insight into an often overlooked and overly judged diet strategy. EXTRAS - Support directly from Tavi through direct messages on Instagram - 100% Satisfaction guarantee - Submit your transformation photos for a chance to win 1000$ and meet Tavi at the BE HQ in Amsterdam The Netherlands.