The Engineered Life
My name is Tavi Castro and I am the CEO and founder of Body Engineers International. BE started as a project in 2012 to help students or business individuals with busy schedules and difficult lifestyles to get the best possible health coaching from wherever they are, whenever they can. Health and self-confidence are the cornerstones to a successful life in all aspects. With more confidence, more energy, and more vitality, life becomes a more beautiful place.

Aside from this online coaching platform I have gone on to build various successful businesses in the Fashion, Retail, Technology, and real estate. The energy and well being generated from the disciplined approach to my fitness endeavours playing a huge role in my overall success. You don’t need to be a millionaire to start improving your body and health, but improving your body and health will definitely help you become more successful, and perhaps one day a millionaire yourself!

Your Success is My Success
Since its inception in 2012, the program has produced thousands of members and success stories.

My background in Sports and performance training began as a Soccer player for Professional Clubs in Britain and the Netherlands. I had represented the Canadian national team and had travelled the world as a teenager chasing this passion. In 2008 I decided to leave the sport due to visa and work permit issues and started Aerospace engineering at the Technical university of Delta in the Netherlands. My love for sports was getting crushed by the 14 hour study days and a new Dj & Producer career budding in the weekends. Hence the birth of BE , an online platform where I could teach the most important principles of building a physique when I could , wherever I could.

In the build up to the launch of the online coaching platform I became Musclemania World Champion fitness model in Las Vegas in 2012, preceded by the British and European Championship. My goal was not to provide a program where members would be dependant on me for their diet plans and training programs. I wanted to teach people how to structure their own training programs around their goals, make their own diet plans, and make the right supplement choices. In essence giving people a fishing rod and teaching them how to fish, instead of forcing them to comeback and buy the fish from the me. When you are a busy traveller, a businessman, or a student, being flexible to do what you can when you can is essential. The best way to solve this problem is to teach you how to solve it yourself! Welcome to Body Engineering.